What I Hear

In shopping malls:

–          What size, Ma’am?

–          It looks good on you, Sir.

–          How many pieces?

–          Do you have smaller sizes?

–          Oh. It doesn’t fit. Maybe a bigger size.

In the park:

–          Hey! Watch out! *bugssssh*

–          So itchy, mommy.

–          Browny, fix! *arf*

–          Dad! My Kite!

In the beach:

–          That girl with a neon green two piece looks so hot.

–          Help! Someone’s drowning!

–          Sunblock, please?

–          Hey! Let’s swim.

In the cinemas:

–          I bet that girl is the killer.

–          No! The Dad killed the mom.

–          Duh! The story is so predictable. The neighbor killed the victims because he’s a Psycho.

–          SHHHHHHH!!!!!! Quiet, please.

In the church:

–          Lord, I had sex with my boyfriend. Please don’t let me get pregnant.

–          Exam’s approaching. No money to pay tuition. Please, Lord.

–          I still love him. Please make him realize that he still loves me too.

–          AMEN

In the classroom:

–          Today’s lesson is about memory processes.

–          What’s your answer on number two?

–          I have to pee.

–          Oh sh*t! I dropped my G-Tech.

In the cemetery:

–          Awooooo!!!!!!!

In my heart:

–          Him. Him. Him. Him. [insert his name]




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