I want to be in a place so far away from where I am right now. I want to travel the world, experience different cultures. I want to eat variety of delicacies which are made from that place. I want to meet new people. I want to create a different me with a really different life, so different in the life that I used to live. I want to have my own house, a place to call my own, with my 13 dogs and an orchard at the back of my house. I want to build my own library. I want it big, bigger than my house so that it can accommodate more people who are eager to read. I want to plant trees beside my house. I want to experience life in the farm, grow flowers, and plow the land. I want to experience four seasons. I want to watch the trees become orange when the autumn comes. I’d like to play with its falling leaves like a child playing in the rain. I would like to experience snow. Making snowman and snow balls war would be fun.  I would like to watch the grass grows and becomes green as spring arrives. And doing beach hopping during summer. Someday, I would like to have thoughtful, romantic, sweet, and understanding husband. The one that could turn my frown upside-down. The one who’ll have time for me, like a Mavi’s Day. I’d like him to sing me my kind of song even if he gets out  of tune. I would like to see him making efforts just to make me feel that I am special to him. I’d like a man who will wake me up early morning and join me in the long walks in the beach. I’d like to talk with him anything under the sun, even aliens and time travelers. I want to make these all happen in due time. I will wait patiently and will work hard for my future.

I will be hopeful and patience. 


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