Love is when you find time to be with the one you love in your busiest moments. Talking with her even in the phone for about 5 minutes won’t consume much of your time. Try to manage your time that there will never be something or someone that may feel taken for granted. Make efforts to keep in touch. Texting her ‘good morning’ or ‘take care’ before she starts her day will mean to her a lot. Don’t be too absorbed by the things that you have right now because they are temporary, fleeting, and will eventually fade away. The things that you enjoy now will not be compared to the love and sacrifices that she had done, she does and she’ll be doing for you. She loves you a lot. She loves you more than you love your guitar, your band, pizza or your sleeps. You always count the efforts that you do in school, in your practices, in your practicum but you did not consider count her efforts. Efforts for texting you ‘good morning’ even if sometimes you she doesn’t get a reply, efforts for staying up late at night just to wait for you and to know that you already got home safe, efforts to help you in some of your assignments, efforts to study well for her future because she wants to have a good future with you, efforts to understand you even if you have unrealistic and ridiculous alibi and most of all, efforts to love you and be faithful to you. She may not be the smartest, the sexiest, the sweetest or the prettiest girl that most boys want but she is one who loves you then, now and the days to come. 




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