To My Guitar Man

Congratulations! So how’s that, big man? Your team bagged the best composition award for nationalistic category. Cheers to that! I am as much as happy as you.

As I see you on stage, I see your dreams coming true. You didn’t see me cheering you but I’m sure I was there and it feels that my heart is going to explode because of the joy I feel. I know you’ve been wanted this since we were in our first year in college and hurrah! You made it!! For how many times you’ve tried, how many failures you took and now, you made it to the finals. K, Thank you for not giving up in pursuing your endeavors. This will be your last year in the University and probably your last Awitenista experience but I’m sure you will never forget this moment. They may have given the Awtenista Champion award to other but in my heart, you are still my champion and I am your number one fan.

PS: had a crush on you when you perform during battle of the bands (2008) in our High School Foundation day. And again, you caught my heart in your last night’s performance at Awitenista 27 (2014). Awwww! :’’> Time flies so fast. We’re on our 5th year. Hurrah!

You rock, dude! 🙂


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