Would it be nice if a person can live in two or more different bodies? Would it be nice if she can be this person she hates and this person she likes? I wonder what a person feels if she can have the ability to experience another personal experience of her separate being.

Every decision can change our life in some ways, may it be little or huge but the point is, it changes how things go. Sometimes I get frustrated with the choice I made that’s why my imagination speaks up. For example, I would imagine what could be my life if I pursue a different course in college? What if I take up Biology and not Psychology? What if I study in different city? What’s my life could be?

What if I was born in a different family? What if I was born in the opposite part of the continent where I am now? What if I am a butterfly? What if I am a raindrop? What if I am a grain of sand, so little that nobody can see.

Sometimes, when things in my life get really hard and difficult for me to process, I make this playful imagination. I know this could be considered a kind of psychosis to some people but I tell you, it’s not. I am aware of what I was doing and I know the true and the not. For me, it could be a defense mechanism to escape from my life’s whatever. All I know,  is we are all free to feel the life that we dreamt of and to know what it’s like to be another human being. It promotes and enhances empathy, ya know? 🙂


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