When in El Nido, Palawan

April 11,2015. I and my friends had our first far-away-from-home vacation. That vacation was planned months ago before our graduation and that was our graduation gift for ourselves. It was a fun experience. We became independent people during that trip and it felt like we were already grown ups. No Mama and Papa to call, we just figured things out, just by ourselves. It was a really unforgettable journey for us.
Aside from the “feeling old” feeling, the most amazing thing about our trip were the beautiful sceneries. Palawan is really a beautiful place to visit. The time and money spent were all worth it. I wish to visit again soon with my family. 🙂
See how wonderful God’s creation is. 

This was the view from the hotel. 

Taken in our stopovers from the island hopping. No filter needed. 

The zipline connecting two islands.   

 I just love the view behind us. 

Going home. 😦


About This Blog

Why I started this blog:

I started this blog on October 2013. During that time, I got very busy in school doing research, studying for exams and living the student life. Me and my boyfriend decided to “lie low” in our relationship since we can’t barely find time to be with each other and to accomplish the “girlfriend/boyfriend duties”. We still kept our communication since then but we did not see each other most of the time. He got busy with his academics too.

We used to spend time talking about different things, sharing ideas and opinions during our dates which we jokingly called “meetings” because it seems like we’re just having a meeting. But things changed when we decided to prioritized school over our relationship. The 3-days-date-a-week went down into 1 date a month. So I decided to put up this blog in order to share my thoughts which I basically share with my boyfriend. Through this blog, I can publish what I think about and let him read when he has free time.

What I like to write in this blog:

I really don’t have a specific genre or a category to this blog. Most of the entries of this blogs were my opinions, photos of my pets and anything. I like to post ANYTHING. I just had too, because I find it hard to decide for a blog theme like fashion blog, beauty blog, health and fitness or whatsoever. I just love writing down my thoughts.

My dream for this blog:

If given the chance, I would like to write stuff about health, beauty, product review, travel guides, book reviews, or photographs of the things I like. And most of all, my rants about life and people.

I’d like to keep this blog for a long time and keep on writing. I’d like this to be my diary so that when time comes, I have something to look back and re-experience the moments by reading the posts.

My rays of sunshine. 

This is one of my dogs. Her name is Khaleesi. Yes, I named her after a Game of Thrones character just because I like the sound of it. She’s now 10 months old. She likes belly rub, likes to eat ice-cream and plays with her pink pig stuffed toy. She gets very excited whenever she hears the gates opening because it prompts the arrival of me, other family memebers and visitors. She likes playing and meeting new people. She’s very friendly and very active. I love her so much. I love them all.

Would it be nice if a person can live in two or more different bodies? Would it be nice if she can be this person she hates and this person she likes? I wonder what a person feels if she can have the ability to experience another personal experience of her separate being.

Every decision can change our life in some ways, may it be little or huge but the point is, it changes how things go. Sometimes I get frustrated with the choice I made that’s why my imagination speaks up. For example, I would imagine what could be my life if I pursue a different course in college? What if I take up Biology and not Psychology? What if I study in different city? What’s my life could be?

What if I was born in a different family? What if I was born in the opposite part of the continent where I am now? What if I am a butterfly? What if I am a raindrop? What if I am a grain of sand, so little that nobody can see.

Sometimes, when things in my life get really hard and difficult for me to process, I make this playful imagination. I know this could be considered a kind of psychosis to some people but I tell you, it’s not. I am aware of what I was doing and I know the true and the not. For me, it could be a defense mechanism to escape from my life’s whatever. All I know,  is we are all free to feel the life that we dreamt of and to know what it’s like to be another human being. It promotes and enhances empathy, ya know? 🙂