I am a dog lover. We have 7 dogs in our house. My friends always say that dogs are bad for my health because I have asthma but I say no, they are my friends too, just like you. 

Ever since I owned a dog, I cannot imagine my life living without a dog in our house. I just love them. They’re so cute and lovable. They’ve given me love as much as my human friends have given. They are so genuine. They are my vent buddies, my shock-absorber, my pillow and my joy. Whenever I’m sad, they sympathize with me. They don’t need to talk, I just felt how much they love me. 

I am very thankful for my parents for allowing me to have dogs in the house despite my health condition and for giving me money for their food and vaccines. I have such supportive parents. 🙂 I also thank my grandparents for taking care of them when I’m away and busy. They love them and considered them as part of our family. 

It always happens everytime I arrive. They greet me with thier wiggly tails and jump on me for a cuddle or a belly rub. 

Those times when we just want to cuddle. 

Post-workout selfie.

About to sleep but when you look on your bed, the dog has already fallen asleep. 

After taking the board exam for Psychometrician, I felt really down because the test was really hard but look at this cutie. She felt very happy on that day. Guess what? I passed! Yehey!!

That “sorry, I did something you don’t like” face. 

 1,2,3, Smile!! 🙂

The boyfriend and the pet. Quality time. 

My loves. ❤


My rays of sunshine. 

This is one of my dogs. Her name is Khaleesi. Yes, I named her after a Game of Thrones character just because I like the sound of it. She’s now 10 months old. She likes belly rub, likes to eat ice-cream and plays with her pink pig stuffed toy. She gets very excited whenever she hears the gates opening because it prompts the arrival of me, other family memebers and visitors. She likes playing and meeting new people. She’s very friendly and very active. I love her so much. I love them all.