When in Cebu

This is a continuation of my blog post regarding our short vacation in Cebu. I will not make a detailed blog about how to get anywhere but you can just ask me thru the comment section if you like. 🙂


My friend, Roxan, rockin’ that cute neon top. This was in Sumilon Island.


What a fine, sunny day. A great day to go beaching. 

These photos are in no particular order because I am that lazy to sort pics. :p



A view from the shore. You see those boats out there? They transport tourists and bring them to where the Whale Sharks are swimming. Plenty of people.


Kenneth trying to be brave. Ditching the life jacket and acting as if he knows how to swim.


This is me with my bubble face. Yes, the boatman pushed me down the water that’s why I look so funny.


This girl here was the bravest among us. She doesn’t know how to swim but she looks happy when the boatman did his job.


This one here had many beautiful selfies with the Whales. 





School of fish and the Principal Whale Shark. 🙂



Osmena Peak



“The hills are alive with the sound of music.” Me, feeling Maria. 


Simala Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu. 


It looks like a castle. So beautiful and huge!



My friend here, Cherry, rented these shawls because you can’t enter wearing shorts, above the knee dresses or skirts and sleeveless tops.


Wine cellar of La Vie Parisiene.



A group pic would be nice to end this blog. 

There are many more places that are in stored for us for our next visit to Cebu. We really enjoyed out trip and we will surely comeback soon.


El Nido

The wall where we had our stopover for lunch. Just outside Puerto Princesa Airport.

The land travel from From Puerto Princesa Airport to El Nido is approximately 6 hours. We arrived at 8PM and had our first meal in El Nido by the shore, a candlelit dinner. We enjoyed the grilled shimps, fish and squid.  The food was a bit pricey though. 

I miss waking up to this view. 😦

In case you’re curious what we’re eating.


 While waiting for the boat that will take us for island hopping. We got to enjoy the beautiful scenery just in fromt of us. Amazing view! 

My new found friend. 

Our boat ride to our island hopping destination. 

Island hopping stopover. 

When in El Nido, Palawan

April 11,2015. I and my friends had our first far-away-from-home vacation. That vacation was planned months ago before our graduation and that was our graduation gift for ourselves. It was a fun experience. We became independent people during that trip and it felt like we were already grown ups. No Mama and Papa to call, we just figured things out, just by ourselves. It was a really unforgettable journey for us.
Aside from the “feeling old” feeling, the most amazing thing about our trip were the beautiful sceneries. Palawan is really a beautiful place to visit. The time and money spent were all worth it. I wish to visit again soon with my family. 🙂
See how wonderful God’s creation is. 

This was the view from the hotel. 

Taken in our stopovers from the island hopping. No filter needed. 

The zipline connecting two islands.   

 I just love the view behind us. 

Going home. 😦