When in El Nido, Palawan

April 11,2015. I and my friends had our first far-away-from-home vacation. That vacation was planned months ago before our graduation and that was our graduation gift for ourselves. It was a fun experience. We became independent people during that trip and it felt like we were already grown ups. No Mama and Papa to call, we just figured things out, just by ourselves. It was a really unforgettable journey for us.
Aside from the “feeling old” feeling, the most amazing thing about our trip were the beautiful sceneries. Palawan is really a beautiful place to visit. The time and money spent were all worth it. I wish to visit again soon with my family. 🙂
See how wonderful God’s creation is. 

This was the view from the hotel. 

Taken in our stopovers from the island hopping. No filter needed. 

The zipline connecting two islands.   

 I just love the view behind us. 

Going home. 😦