When in Cebu

This is a continuation of my blog post regarding our short vacation in Cebu. I will not make a detailed blog about how to get anywhere but you can just ask me thru the comment section if you like. 🙂


My friend, Roxan, rockin’ that cute neon top. This was in Sumilon Island.


What a fine, sunny day. A great day to go beaching. 

These photos are in no particular order because I am that lazy to sort pics. :p



A view from the shore. You see those boats out there? They transport tourists and bring them to where the Whale Sharks are swimming. Plenty of people.


Kenneth trying to be brave. Ditching the life jacket and acting as if he knows how to swim.


This is me with my bubble face. Yes, the boatman pushed me down the water that’s why I look so funny.


This girl here was the bravest among us. She doesn’t know how to swim but she looks happy when the boatman did his job.


This one here had many beautiful selfies with the Whales. 





School of fish and the Principal Whale Shark. 🙂



Osmena Peak



“The hills are alive with the sound of music.” Me, feeling Maria. 


Simala Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu. 


It looks like a castle. So beautiful and huge!



My friend here, Cherry, rented these shawls because you can’t enter wearing shorts, above the knee dresses or skirts and sleeveless tops.


Wine cellar of La Vie Parisiene.



A group pic would be nice to end this blog. 

There are many more places that are in stored for us for our next visit to Cebu. We really enjoyed out trip and we will surely comeback soon.


Cebu, 2016

Travelling and going to new places is always a humbling experience for me because It made me realize that the world is really gigantic and the places where I have been to is just a tiny bit of this beautiful world. One of the things that I consider as an investment is travel. Invest in travel. Make good memories and unforgettable experiences. My boyfriend always tells me to invest and save money and build business. Uhmm but I am not into to business. Not yet. That is why one of my hesitations when travelling is to tell my boyfriend how much I spent because you know, travel is an investment. 🙂

Even though my boyfriend always nags me about my expenditures in stuff, food and travel, he goes with me by the way because that’s how he loves me. Charot! Or ayaw niya lang talagang ma-miss ang fun?

So, last year, on October I went to Cebu with Cherry, Roxan (our close friends) and Kenneth (my boyfriend). Since our goal is to travel at least one new destination a year, grab na agad and promo fare, Bes. We booked our flight February 2016. Diba, ilang months din para makapag-prepare at mag-ipon para sa allowance. 🙂 Ganun yun, Bes eh!


At Mactan Airport while waiting for a cab.


At Larsian while waiting for our food to be served.

When we land in Mactan Airport at about 6PM, we queue for taxi. And guess what? It took us almost 2-3 hours to get one. I guess Mactan Airport needs to get more taxi so that the people will not be late for their meetings and commitments. Buti nalang talaga wala kaming planong gumala. Pero may plano parin kaming kumain, Bes. Ilang oras din tiniis and gutom. Nagpahatid kami sa Larsian, kung saan maraming Barbeque na iba’t-ibang klase ng isda, manok, baboy, lamang dagat, etc. The place was nice and the food was great. The people were super accommodating, even the Lolo who plays guitar and sings outside the establishment, he was very sweet to offer us a song. We gave him tip as his reward. After eating, we decided to rent a room and rest our tired body since the bus going to Oslob (which was our first destination) will depart at 5AM and we still have 7 hours to kill. Looking for a safe yet cheap room is hard kasi di kami familiar sa place at tight din ang budget. Thank God, Jan-jan, Roxan’s cousin who live in Cebu invited us in their place. Talking about good timing. 😛

Jan-jan’s father advised us to be early in Oslob so that the sun will not that painful when we go Whale watching. Our plan to catch the 5AM bus is not really a good plan after all since it will take 3-4 hours to reach Oslob. So change of plan tayo mga Bes. Instead of 5AM, 3:30AM bus nalang. And since Jan-jan’s place is an hour away from Cebu City, the travel hour for Oslob becomes lesser. Good! We rode a Ceres bus and it cost us 125 pesos, I think? We arrived in Oslob at 6AM and since we do not know the place yet we decided to enter a resort which is called MB Sunrise View Resort. They charged us 100 pesos per person and gave us lock for our lockers. Yay! We need not worry about our luggages.  Immediately we signed up for the Whale Watching. Sorry, I might or might not give you the exact amount because Cherry, my friend took charge of being the squad treasurer/auditor. So I guess we paid 550 each for the Whale Watching inclusive of the life jacket, snorkeling gear and boat ride. You may or may not, but we paid 500 (that’s 500 divided by to the four of us) for the GoPro because we do not have underwater camera.


  • Do not put on sunblock because the chemical in the sunblock will go to the water and may disrupt the marine life.
  • Stay at least 3 meters away from the Whale Shark.
  • Do not leave your plastic bottles in the sea. Bring it with you, paki-usap lang.
  • Do not shout. Kung pwede lang.
  • You only have 30 minutes to swim and watch the Whale Shark. You could extend if marunong kayong mambola kay Kuya bangkero.

After our time with the Whale Shark, we’re not yet done with our adventure. We sign up for another trip to Sumilon Island via boat. It costs 200 pesos per person inclusive of snorkelling gears and life jacket. The island was nice because it has white sand but a bit crowded. The waters are clear but no corals are visible so the snorkelling gears did not serve its purpose. But we had fun posing for selfies and groufies though.

Since Cebu is an island full of beautiful places and an adventure haven, we were able to go to Hidden Falls. It was a 45 minutes ride from the resort where we stayed at in Oslob. It was a falls for thrill-seeker for you can jump to the waters.


Us, before Whale Watching. When going to the beach, always bring a ziplock plastic with you.

Taken on our way to Hidden Falls. What a beautiful day it was.


Super clear waters.