2018 Night time Skin Care Routine

Actually, I have been using most of the products in this skin care routine since last year so technically this is also my 2017 skin care routine. I have an acne prone skin. I have been suffering with acne since my college days (5 years ago) and having acne can somehow affect our confidence. Yes, I have been there. I have tried being the demo client when a Mary Kay beauty consultant conducted a demo on make-up and skin care. Sure, their concealers and make-ups can really conceal spots and blemishes but I am not into make-up so I did not buy that. I have experienced zits popping up and you do not know that blood and other gross-looking fluid coming out from your freshly popped pimples. I have experienced having flu and having big pimple inside of my nose at the same time, I do not know how to blow my nose without hurting. It was just the painful and worse feeling of having acne. But thanks to a product and my lifestyle changes that really helped a lot in clearing my skin. I will do another blog post for “How I cleared my Skin” sometime in the future because now is not yet the right time I guess since my face has a lot of pimples because it is that time of the month, yes, you know what I mean. But for now, let me introduce the products that I am using.

PRODUCTS and description (based on packaging and internet)

  1. Milea Bath and Body Pure Organic Argan Oil

2. NC Faye Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Argan oil and Virgin Coconut oil are rich in Vitamin E and fatty acid that gives the skin its natural boost. It is very moisturizing and it makes the skin supple and gives you that baby-like skin. It also has anti-aging properties. I have also heard from a cosmetic demo that oily skin tends to age slower than dry skin. Maybe oil is one of the secret to achieve a Korean Glass Skin

  1. Farlin Baby Wipes

As the description on the back of the packaging says, FARLIN Baby Wipes are silky, thick, moist, cloth-like wipes gently formulated for baby’s use. It’s the quick and easy way to cleanse, moisturize, and refresh baby’s delicate skin. It’s mildly scented and alcohol-free to prevent baby’s skin from drying. Gentle on baby’s face, hands, and helps protect baby against diaper rash

  1. SKINFOOD Honey Flour Brightening Cleansing Foam

The story of mild cleansing that cares about your skin and makes it soft like flour and moist like honey.

  1. ST. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

From America’s #1Scrub brand, this award winning Apricot scrub with 100% Natural Exfoliants, deep cleanse, instantly leaving skin smooth and glowing. Formulated without Parabens, Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Non-Comedogenic.

  1. Acne.org Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide – 2.5%)

This 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment is gel-based so it goes on clear and spreads easily. It is pharmaceutical grade, pH balanced, fragrance-free, and dye-free. It won’t “clump up” with moisturizers, and won’t turn white when you perspire. Studies show that 2.5% benzoyl peroxide works as well as 10% solutions, without the excessive dryness and irritation.

  1. GARNIER Light Complete Yogurt Sleeping Mask

It has Soy Yogurt Probiotic Extract combined with Lemon Essence, Vitamin C and Garnier’s own innovation called WhiteSpeed™ Serum. It  nourishes  the skin while sleeping and that it was formulated to work like a brightening yogurt treatment. It also claimed to reduce dullness, exfoliate dead cells, lighten spots and skin tone.


I do not wear a full coverage make-up, just a BB Cream, light blush, press powder and lip tint/lips stick then I am good to go. The first thing I do in my night time skin care routine is to remove my make-up using oils. I have been using oils as make-up remover since 2015, and since then, I did not turn my back to oils. Oils are very effective in dissolving make-up so that it can be easy to wipe-off using tissue paper or wet wipes. It also smoothens and does not dry out the skin because oils are very nourishing to the skin. I mix 1 part of Argan Oil and 3 parts of Coconut Oil (coz it’s cheaper than the Argan oil) and put it into a tinted glass bottle. Argan oils are usually stored in a tinted bottle, I really do not know the reason, I just noticed it. So using the dropper that comes with the bottle, I put 5 drops of oils into my palm and massage it on my face. In a circular motion, I massage the oils in my face for about 2-3 minutes. Then I will get 1 sheet of Farlin Wet Wipes to wipe off the oils and dirt in my face. AHHH. So satisfying!

Next is I wet my face with water, get a small amount of SKINFOOD Honey Flour Cleansing Foam and lather it with water until it forms a foam. Then I gently massage it into my face, in a circular motion until I feel that my face is already clean. Mind you, the smell of this foam is like a baby powder. Smells so nice. I am planning of replacing this cleanser after I emptied it up because I feel like the brightening effect that it claimed in its description is not that noticeable in my face.

So after rinsing, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub (3 times a week) as my exfoliator. Then I’ll rinse again, then pat dry the face using towel or tissue paper. After using this product, you will notice that when you touch your face, it feels so soft and smooth, like the skin of a baby. This product has been my staple since college days. It is by far the best and cheap exfoliator for me.

Taking a quick break, I brush my teeth, apply lip balm then I will go back to my skin care again. I will apply Acne.org Treatment – Benzoyl Peroxide into my face and then let it dry for 5-10 minutes. Then the final step is to apply the Garnier Yoghurt Sleeping Mask into the face and neck and then I am ready to get some ZZZZ.

So here is my Skin Care Routine 2018.

Please, feel free to comment any suggestions or product recommendation that I can try. Have a good day!


Life Update

Hey! It’s me again, your girl, Mavi. It’s been more than a year since I updated this blog. Did you miss me? I have missed writing and telling stories with you but I got caught up with life. By the way, I enrolled myself into graduate school. I am taking up Master of Science in Clinical Psychology. Hope I can finish it.

In a span of 1 year, I have encountered challenges, joys and learning that I treasured because as years go by, I can say that gain more wisdom. I have also traveled in new places despite of my busy schedule. I have been also busy juggling work (office and teaching) and schooling. Some days, I felt sick and there were times that I wanted to quit school and work at the same time due to pressure. Currently, I resigned from my work and I am taking rest and just enjoying staying up at night while watching series and waking up late. Isn’t that fun? But I know it will get boring soon so I should need to find another company that could hire me and pay me so that I can be a functioning millennial human again because you know: No work, no pay. No pay, no money. No money, no travel.

Since I am not that busy lately, I will spend more time writing and updating this blog. Until next post!

When in Cebu

This is a continuation of my blog post regarding our short vacation in Cebu. I will not make a detailed blog about how to get anywhere but you can just ask me thru the comment section if you like. 🙂


My friend, Roxan, rockin’ that cute neon top. This was in Sumilon Island.


What a fine, sunny day. A great day to go beaching. 

These photos are in no particular order because I am that lazy to sort pics. :p



A view from the shore. You see those boats out there? They transport tourists and bring them to where the Whale Sharks are swimming. Plenty of people.


Kenneth trying to be brave. Ditching the life jacket and acting as if he knows how to swim.


This is me with my bubble face. Yes, the boatman pushed me down the water that’s why I look so funny.


This girl here was the bravest among us. She doesn’t know how to swim but she looks happy when the boatman did his job.


This one here had many beautiful selfies with the Whales. 





School of fish and the Principal Whale Shark. 🙂



Osmena Peak



“The hills are alive with the sound of music.” Me, feeling Maria. 


Simala Shrine in Sibonga, Cebu. 


It looks like a castle. So beautiful and huge!



My friend here, Cherry, rented these shawls because you can’t enter wearing shorts, above the knee dresses or skirts and sleeveless tops.


Wine cellar of La Vie Parisiene.



A group pic would be nice to end this blog. 

There are many more places that are in stored for us for our next visit to Cebu. We really enjoyed out trip and we will surely comeback soon.

Cebu, 2016

Travelling and going to new places is always a humbling experience for me because It made me realize that the world is really gigantic and the places where I have been to is just a tiny bit of this beautiful world. One of the things that I consider as an investment is travel. Invest in travel. Make good memories and unforgettable experiences. My boyfriend always tells me to invest and save money and build business. Uhmm but I am not into to business. Not yet. That is why one of my hesitations when travelling is to tell my boyfriend how much I spent because you know, travel is an investment. 🙂

Even though my boyfriend always nags me about my expenditures in stuff, food and travel, he goes with me by the way because that’s how he loves me. Charot! Or ayaw niya lang talagang ma-miss ang fun?

So, last year, on October I went to Cebu with Cherry, Roxan (our close friends) and Kenneth (my boyfriend). Since our goal is to travel at least one new destination a year, grab na agad and promo fare, Bes. We booked our flight February 2016. Diba, ilang months din para makapag-prepare at mag-ipon para sa allowance. 🙂 Ganun yun, Bes eh!


At Mactan Airport while waiting for a cab.


At Larsian while waiting for our food to be served.

When we land in Mactan Airport at about 6PM, we queue for taxi. And guess what? It took us almost 2-3 hours to get one. I guess Mactan Airport needs to get more taxi so that the people will not be late for their meetings and commitments. Buti nalang talaga wala kaming planong gumala. Pero may plano parin kaming kumain, Bes. Ilang oras din tiniis and gutom. Nagpahatid kami sa Larsian, kung saan maraming Barbeque na iba’t-ibang klase ng isda, manok, baboy, lamang dagat, etc. The place was nice and the food was great. The people were super accommodating, even the Lolo who plays guitar and sings outside the establishment, he was very sweet to offer us a song. We gave him tip as his reward. After eating, we decided to rent a room and rest our tired body since the bus going to Oslob (which was our first destination) will depart at 5AM and we still have 7 hours to kill. Looking for a safe yet cheap room is hard kasi di kami familiar sa place at tight din ang budget. Thank God, Jan-jan, Roxan’s cousin who live in Cebu invited us in their place. Talking about good timing. 😛

Jan-jan’s father advised us to be early in Oslob so that the sun will not that painful when we go Whale watching. Our plan to catch the 5AM bus is not really a good plan after all since it will take 3-4 hours to reach Oslob. So change of plan tayo mga Bes. Instead of 5AM, 3:30AM bus nalang. And since Jan-jan’s place is an hour away from Cebu City, the travel hour for Oslob becomes lesser. Good! We rode a Ceres bus and it cost us 125 pesos, I think? We arrived in Oslob at 6AM and since we do not know the place yet we decided to enter a resort which is called MB Sunrise View Resort. They charged us 100 pesos per person and gave us lock for our lockers. Yay! We need not worry about our luggages.  Immediately we signed up for the Whale Watching. Sorry, I might or might not give you the exact amount because Cherry, my friend took charge of being the squad treasurer/auditor. So I guess we paid 550 each for the Whale Watching inclusive of the life jacket, snorkeling gear and boat ride. You may or may not, but we paid 500 (that’s 500 divided by to the four of us) for the GoPro because we do not have underwater camera.


  • Do not put on sunblock because the chemical in the sunblock will go to the water and may disrupt the marine life.
  • Stay at least 3 meters away from the Whale Shark.
  • Do not leave your plastic bottles in the sea. Bring it with you, paki-usap lang.
  • Do not shout. Kung pwede lang.
  • You only have 30 minutes to swim and watch the Whale Shark. You could extend if marunong kayong mambola kay Kuya bangkero.

After our time with the Whale Shark, we’re not yet done with our adventure. We sign up for another trip to Sumilon Island via boat. It costs 200 pesos per person inclusive of snorkelling gears and life jacket. The island was nice because it has white sand but a bit crowded. The waters are clear but no corals are visible so the snorkelling gears did not serve its purpose. But we had fun posing for selfies and groufies though.

Since Cebu is an island full of beautiful places and an adventure haven, we were able to go to Hidden Falls. It was a 45 minutes ride from the resort where we stayed at in Oslob. It was a falls for thrill-seeker for you can jump to the waters.


Us, before Whale Watching. When going to the beach, always bring a ziplock plastic with you.

Taken on our way to Hidden Falls. What a beautiful day it was.


Super clear waters.


Hello, again. 

I am still here. I really miss this secret place where I can cry my heart out without worrying that a friend may judge me. Where I can say I love you to the person I love without hesitating and thinking that he may find it so cheesy and all. Where I can rant about my work and how the people treat me. Where I can post anything that matters to me, but I really miss this. ❤️ 


I am a dog lover. We have 7 dogs in our house. My friends always say that dogs are bad for my health because I have asthma but I say no, they are my friends too, just like you. 

Ever since I owned a dog, I cannot imagine my life living without a dog in our house. I just love them. They’re so cute and lovable. They’ve given me love as much as my human friends have given. They are so genuine. They are my vent buddies, my shock-absorber, my pillow and my joy. Whenever I’m sad, they sympathize with me. They don’t need to talk, I just felt how much they love me. 

I am very thankful for my parents for allowing me to have dogs in the house despite my health condition and for giving me money for their food and vaccines. I have such supportive parents. 🙂 I also thank my grandparents for taking care of them when I’m away and busy. They love them and considered them as part of our family. 

It always happens everytime I arrive. They greet me with thier wiggly tails and jump on me for a cuddle or a belly rub. 

Those times when we just want to cuddle. 

Post-workout selfie.

About to sleep but when you look on your bed, the dog has already fallen asleep. 

After taking the board exam for Psychometrician, I felt really down because the test was really hard but look at this cutie. She felt very happy on that day. Guess what? I passed! Yehey!!

That “sorry, I did something you don’t like” face. 

 1,2,3, Smile!! 🙂

The boyfriend and the pet. Quality time. 

My loves. ❤

El Nido

The wall where we had our stopover for lunch. Just outside Puerto Princesa Airport.

The land travel from From Puerto Princesa Airport to El Nido is approximately 6 hours. We arrived at 8PM and had our first meal in El Nido by the shore, a candlelit dinner. We enjoyed the grilled shimps, fish and squid.  The food was a bit pricey though. 

I miss waking up to this view. 😦

In case you’re curious what we’re eating.


 While waiting for the boat that will take us for island hopping. We got to enjoy the beautiful scenery just in fromt of us. Amazing view! 

My new found friend. 

Our boat ride to our island hopping destination. 

Island hopping stopover.